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The concept.

PointSquared Ventures is a private investment firm dedicated to building and growing seed-stage companies in Technology, Energy, and Infrastructure.

PointSquared Ventures' mission is to back visionary founders and talented operating partners with exceptional track records in our core markets. PointSquared's approach is twofold - (1) We invest in pre-seed and seed-stage startups early, and (2) We form the startups ourselves by identifying founders to launch and build products and services that make an impact.

Being self-funded, we are not under pressure to immediately return capital to outside investors. We patiently look to build long term value one investment at a time.

The founder.

Robert Wentz

Point squared Founder
Entrepreneur • Investor • Management Consultant

Robert Wentz is the founder of PointSquared Ventures investing in the technology, energy, and infrastructure industries. PointSquared is a pre-seed & seed-stage private venture fund where the approach is to form startups as well as fund them.

As part of this strategy, Mr. Wentz co-founded Mountain Point, a cloud technology consulting firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and CentralApp, an onshoring software development company with workers located throughout central Appalachia. He also founded Stonewall Energy, an energy exploration and support holding company, that includes American Energy Holdings and Summit Transport & Environmental.

Mr. Wentz previously served as the Executive Chairman of Allegheny Science & Technology (AST), an engineering and technology company supporting mission critical R&D efforts for the Department of Energy and Intelligence Agencies. He cofounded AST in 2009 and operated the 6 time INC 500/5000 fastest growing company until his exit in 2020. Prior to AST, Mr. Wentz founded Information Research Corporation (IRC) a software development and engineering firm supporting the Department of Defense and NASA.

Mr. Wentz is a Computer and Electrical Engineering graduate of West Virginia University and earned his MBA from the WVU School of Business & Economics.

Portfolio Companies.

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PointSquared Ventures seeks to provide talented entrepreneurs capital and mentorship in order to accelerate growth, create jobs, capture opportunities, and foster success in today's innovative markets.

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